Online Mongoose Traveller Character Generation

I have recently been introduced to the RPGSuite, designed to support Mongoose Traveller (2nd edition). I have to admit, I like the dramatic music most of all… but anyways, it’s a (rather good) work in progress.

I first got the free Traveller Character Generator. I got an web-based generator, which allowed me to generate humans from one career, Drifter. I had problems logging in, so I wrote to RPGSuite: they fixed my problem quickly, and gave me a new race to work with for my hassle. I appreciate good support!

So, I decided to buy the whole package for $39.99. Suddenly, more races and far more careers are available for me to play around with! I don’t recommend this if you aren’t into Mongoose Traveller: but if you are, it’s worth the price, mainly as a timesaver (for both chargen and especially gear). The character history generation is also a game in itself, which should help the storytelling abilities of both the Referee and the Player.

(Yay, Immersion!)

There is also a digital character sheet available that keeps track of damage, combat rolls, etc. I didn’t get this, but the Mongoose Traveller Referee should look into it: but weigh the price — $9.99 — before committing.

Things I liked most:

  1. The variety of careers and races available!
  2. The focus on the Spinward Marches for homeworlds, and the ability to select for certain types of worlds.
    1. Yes, I work in the Empty Quarter: but most Travellers are based in the Marshes, and it’s the majority of players which should be supported
  3. Having the history of the character available as it generates.
  4. The dramatic music!
  5. The graphics are basic, but that’s more than sufficient for my needs.
    1. Players who are native to the computer RPG era may like more customization options.

There is one serious flaw:

  1. It’s hard for the software to handle two or more careers on a single character: when you do this, it fails to save when setting up contacts. Also, not all contacts are saved on the sheet. I trust that this will be corrected soon!

And two minor flaws:

  1. The tiny human face shown in the connections is rather flaky. There are both male and female human images, but what image comes up is apparently random: it certainly isn’t properly linked to the sex of the PC generated or the contact. I suppose that this is a minor bug… but it’s still a bug in an otherwise decent-to-excellent product.
  2. Again tied to the connections: even though we generate two connections, only one is shown in the character sheet.

For the future?

  1. More of the varieties of humaniti, including Solomani, Vilani, Zhodani, Answerin, Genoee, etc characters. As well as other famed Traveller sophonts, like the Hivers and the K’kree. (The Droyne are already in the works.)
    1. But this may depend on Mongoose’s publication schedule & goals: in the end, they may decide not to review/republish all of the material of earlier Traveller versions.
  2. The ability to use for homeworlds.  The Traveller Character Generator is a web-based product already: why not leverage it?

Finally, the About Us tab introduces us to the design team: it’s good to see Travellers across the globe, working together to provide a valuable product!

Gim Lanatarac_Sample Character Sheet


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