Request: Software to Fight Interstellar Wars

Mongoose High Guard Software

I had the pleasure of conversing with a man from, and it looks like we can look forward to Mongoose High Guard software from this company, based on the rulebook. Hooray!

Empire Warfare Management

I hope that someone out there will create some way to supplement either the future Mongoose High Guard software, or the Classic Trav High Guard Shipyard, with software that makes it easier to create star empires to fight with

This should include both

  • a way to easily generate unique polities  with interstellar borders (in the planetary, system, subsector, sector, and quadrant scale) as well as
  • easily access official Trav info (derived from/directly accessed to for roleplaying Classic Milieu conflicts

The unique polities should be somewhat configurable by the user, with the ability to create your own bases w/unique symbols, trade codes, and travel zones (orange and pink and white and black…)

In addition to creating the planetary/system/interstellar governments, there should be a way to

  1. generate the empire’s income and handle taxation needed to
  2. create and fund the armies and navies to
  3. handle planetary/interstellar warfare, in the Trillion Credit Squadron (Classic and Mongoose (1st ed) flavours) or T4’s Pocket Empire / Imperial Squadrons mode, or in another new way.

And finally, there should be a way to actually fight these various armies and navies. I am thinking of four modes:

For space clashes with 12 spaceships total or less,
or ground clashes with 100 men total (of two-three sides, any TL)

1a: Small scale, automatic (when you just want to see who will win)
1b: Small scale, manual (when you want to manage your ship, in a clash with an enemy that is either managed by the Referee, or is automated)

For space clashes with more than 12 spaceships total,
or ground clashes with more than 100 men total (with any number of sides, any TL)… but typically battalion, regimental, division, or corps size units

2a: Large scale, automatic (when you just want to see who will win)
2b: Large scale, manual (when you want to direct your fleets/armies, in a clash that is either managed by the Referee, or is automated)

With large units, you have to factor in allies with their own agendas, how loyal and experienced a given unit is, and logistics and supply. Also, the destruction/conquest of worlds have a direct bearing on how much better or worse you can supply your own forces.

Finally, there should be a subgame to handle the actual invasion of a contested world, including starport, continental, planetary & system defenses, reinforcing beachheads, resupplying units, etc. I’m thinking of a quick’n’dirty resolution for the Empire scale game, and a detailed resolution for a separate, stand-alone game,

I’d cheerfully pay for this today: but is anyone willing to spend the effort to program it? Or will we have to wait two+ decades, until semi-sentient software can create it with just the required tables and some oral instructions?

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