Real Talent for Traveller SF!

If you’ve been reading this blog for the last few days, you know that I’ve been putting up a few interesting war stories  every so often (mainly WWII and the current ISIS battles) – and that some of my readers have responded with knowledgeable and incisive postings – and some interesting scenarios well worth playing out, such as  Tim Newman’s.

I hope that someone can persuade Far Future Enterprises to print an annual collection of short and short-short Traveller SF stories. These wouldn’t really meant to be proper literary works of art: just brief, good tales and scenarios of a lived-in Traveller universe. A higher level of fan fiction, if you will.

(I’m thinking specifically of the old There Will Be War series of books (now available on Kindle!) Sure, there would be some explorer tales, some personal stories, some odd bits: but most Travellers like to fight, to test themselves, to push themselves to the limit on the field of battle: and that’s what most of the stories should be about!)

I wouldn’t mind having Stellar Reaches being that place: but I think it would be better if the authors could get the chance of actually getting paid for their work, even if it’s just a percentage of the profits. I can’t do that: but FFE can


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