Specialist High-tech Mercs

From the Wall Street Journal

Iraq’s Vital Weapon Against ISIS in Mosul

$250,000 Kornet missiles target toughest Islamic State truck bombs

Al-Dahla, IRAQ—Islamic State fighters under siege by Iraqi forces have increasingly sent explosive-packed cars and trucks barreling toward the front lines. The Iraqi military’s answer to armored vehicle bombs is a Russian-made antitank missile mounted atop an American-made Humvee.


Many weapons can disable vehicle bombs, but only the Kornet, which can penetrate 3 feet of metal, can stop an armored vehicle bomb, Iraqi military commanders said.

The laser-guided missiles, introduced by Russia in 1994 as an antitank weapon, can be launched from more than 3 miles away.


The weapon is so prized that Kornet specialist Pvt. Nasr Taha is greeted with handshakes and smiles by ranking Iraqi commanders. Some slip him cash bonuses.

A small mercenary team with just the right skill-set and equipment for a specific, annoying problem can make a lot of money.

As always, be aware of countermeasures the enemy will deploy, once they identify who is foiling their attacks. “All’s fair in love and war”, after all.


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