Death & Dynasties

Or, ‘why the Imperial Nobility is the Imperial Nobility.”

…also, the Aslan clans, and some Vargr monarchical cultures…

If you assume that psionics is inheritable (against Canon Traveller), same deal for the Zhodani.

The Solomani Party claims otherwise… but not very loudly.


the “Red Princelings” of China,

the GodKing Party Man of North Korea,

and various democratic monarchies, from the US (“Clinton, Bush, Kennedy…”) to Canada (“Trudeau, Manning…”), to Australia (“Donner, Crean…”), to India (“Ghandi, Thackerays, Chavans…”)

(Interesting exception: New Zealand has no democratic dynasties that I am aware of.)

NOT monarchical:

The Droyne

who run more along the insect-caste route: but still, everyone is related to everyone in the various family (Tyafelm)/clan (Dreskay)/town or nation (Oytrip) groupings.

(This is not true for the Droyne Traveller-oriented faternities (Kroyloss).

The Hivers

who have no particular ties to their genetic offspring: they all fight and die, and those who survive are adopted into a particular nests. Note that 1) nests are geared to achieving a particular goal, not the promotion/protection of a particular lineage/race, and 2) Hivers are very individualistic on the one hand, and strongly oriented to the survival of their race on the other: the ‘genetic family’ per se is absent.


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