Virgin Galactic

An old video, but right now, I am using it as a prod for a money-making opportunity.

You don’t need to have an FTL starship to have adventures: a space-capable vessel and an interesting solar system (which could easily contain dozens of worlds and moons, and hundreds of interesting rocks – even with just a single primary star!) could be a moneymaker all by itself, charging lots of (local) money for 20 minutes of weightlessness.

Even more can be charged for survey, rescue, and (re)supply missions, paid for by the local government, interested private interests, or even the Imperium or an interested Noble.


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5 Responses to Virgin Galactic

  1. Andrew says:

    Check out the business ideas behind the Space-X Interplanetary Transport System. To Mars and beyond, or as a fast freighter around Earth. All with the opportunity to drop stuff in orbit as a secondary source of income. Wow. Multitasking.

    To scale it to potential offers for PC’s, well, the sky’s the limit.

    For light cargos, 1dt up to 10dt, geez, a grav platform, from an Air-Raft to a 20dt Launch, the opportunities are endless. From just transporting stuff (surface-to-surface up to surface-t0-0rbit) to acting as sky-cranes (the money in aerial tree harvesting is incredible, especially for very rare species (wow, a whole 100m trunk of the rare titanium-salt-maple, oooooooh.))(lifting whole blocks of stone from quarry to job site)(lifting industrial/scientific equipment around), there are tons of opportunities. Construction, emergency work, cargo and people transport, sight-seeing tours, scouting trips (don’t laugh, lots of kids get their first flight in CAP and in Scouting trips), even enter the frightful business of… Destination Weddings!!!

    The ability to lift medium loads 10-50dt around a planet for quick delivery is a god-send to the users and a cash-cow to the providers. Surface-to-Orbit transfers is a plus, especially if the planet has a budding space manufacturing infrastructure. And aerial crane service for loads in that range are incredible in their scope (whole bridge pieces, housing units, fire-fighting water tankers, the sky’s the limit.

    Heavy lifting, 100dt+ around a planet will most likely offer fewer opportunities, but they will be extremely profitable. The Russian Anatov AN225 megalifter only flies 2-3 times a year, but when it does, it rakes the cash in hand over fist.

    So, literally, the opportunities for a PC are sky high.

    A PC with an Air-Raft or Grav-Speeder and who is comfortably off financially can go to a planet and do tourist stuff while hunting, barnstorming for a fee, doing odd-jobs here and there.

    A PC group with a ship could be approached by the local government or local merchants with an in-atmosphere or trans-atmosphere opportunity to flesh out their wallet while waiting for the next load to assemble for transport. Heck, back to that destination wedding idea, some rich oligarch or burgher could hire the ship for transport or for the joy-ride for the wedding party (how much fun could a drunken wedding party (supposedly unarmed, of course) could be for a bunch of PCs?)

    Even a local teacher approaching the PCs for a school tour could be the set-up for a fun adventure. Imagine the fun of a ‘museum’ like tour in a starship with lots of breakable high-tech thingymabobs lying around (you know some smart-assed kid will find the grav-lifter and go racing down a hallway at the wrong time.)

    Or an opportunity to serve as a static display at the local industrial show, like how the Air Force uses the C-5 for air shows. Even an old, fat merchant can show the Imperial ‘flag’ in some Podunk backwater, serving as a ‘shining example’ of the wonders of Imperial Membership (or XYZ mega-trade-corp.)

    Hey, did you notice that, unlike all my other posts, these are all civilian and peaceful missions? Whooo, must be getting old and sedate or something.

    Or… you know, the biggest payer for heavy transport will be, uh, military needs. Gee, nice Tech4 balkanized world, one country needs some TL4 tanks and troops transported to a warzone or behind the lines… Or whatever.


    • Alvin Plummer says:

      What a great set of wonderful ideas – weddings in the sky helps to flesh out the Traveller universe nicely!

      (Old man grumble) I wish GDW decided to flesh out and expand on the possibilities of the Imperium back in the 80s, instead of going the rebellion route. Three detailed, interesting worlds a year, showing what you can really do if you push the envelope, would have been astounding. Maybe invite a big-name SF author or futurist to build his own scenario/world…

      No chance for antigrav yet, but with the reactionless EMDrive in serious development, at least a few babysteps are being made…


  2. Andrew says:

    There was potential in the rebellion, but that was wasted, and then the whole killer-cyber-bug thingy and the fallen era of TNE. Bleh.

    The original Imperium, played in the Marches or other edgeward areas, gave the game a nice era of exploration-era of colonization-pre WW1 feeling. Imperial Steampunk, so to speak. I agree about GDW’s lost opportunity. Fleshing out a single star system, showing that the system data only really pertains to the primary planet, not all the little fringe communities in the belts or on moons or other planets. Imagine a whole campaign dealing with the fun troubles of long in-system flight times for a well habituated multi-planet moon-filled system. Sure you can jump in 1 week to another system. How long does it take to travel at 1g acceleration/deceleration to go from E-prime (3rd orbit) to E-9-a (a moon around a planet in the 9th orbit) when the planets are on opposite side of E-star, without using Jump. Hahahaha. Fun with calculators. (using the LBB6 scout rules, I rolled up some systems where the ‘main’ planet population was actually smaller than some of the ‘colonies’ or daughter facilities. So Planet A takes prime for Jump travel, but all the cool people live elsewhere, not under Mega-Uber-Corps control.)

    Hey, thought of another great money-making opportunity in-system for the PCs with a ship. Hazardous waste disposal. Is it nuke waste, chemical waste, bio-hazard? Getting rid of spent fission fuel rods by tossing them into a solar decay orbit could be fun, no? How about the remains of some mad mullah’s pet bio-warfare project, 100% certain to kill only those with infidel blooooood… that most Bio facilities would classify it as active level 4 (Captain Trips on speed and Meth!) And who’s to say the ‘biohazard material’ is some bugs or chem, could be the family of the losing side’s leader stuck in those barrels. Or a load of poisoned grain originally destined for relief effort on Grant’s Planet… Oh, the fun of a multi-million dollar transport being used as a, a, a trash hauler.


  3. Andrew says:

    Er, in the second paragraph, that was supposed to be ‘well habitated’ not ‘well habituated’, unless it is one giant prison system. Hmmm, idea there.

    I gotta get me some more players to torture, I mean, GM for.


    • Alvin Plummer says:

      Sci-fi adventures will be with us for quite some time to come… adventurous, fast-moving, interesting, often familiar but sometimes weird… you’ll do fine in getting more players — no worries!


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