1) Cool Traveller Map Search Tips 2) Chargen

Searching for a World to Call Home

Thanks to the schooling of Joshua Bell, I now know some cool Traveller Map search tips that I’m happy to share with you!

(And you can also read them on the Information page…)

Now, let’s say that you want to set up a character in the Empty Quarter of 1105 (Classic Trav, not the earlier Stellar Reaches period). And say that you want to use the MegaTraveller/New Era/Mongoose conventions of choosing a homeworld for the PC, if only to get some default skills or for background purposes.

So, you roll your dice, and you get the middling results of

Starport A // Medium Size // Thin Atmosphere // Wet World // High Pop // Moderate Law // Early Stellar

So, which worlds fit this profile in the Empty Quarter?

Using the search parameters given in the information page as a model:

Specify uwp: to search UWPs. For example, uwp:*-g will find tech level 16 worlds. uwp:B[5-7][6-7][3-9][4-8]?[4-7]-[B-D] will find all starport B, medium size, standard atmosphere, wet, moderate poulation and law-level words with average stellar tech level.

We can create our own parameters,


To limit it to the Empty Quarter, use

uwp:A[5-7][4-5][3-A][9-A]?[4-7]-[9-A] in:Empty

at the end, and you’ll find that (in 1105) there is only one world that meets the requirements: Nulinad, Imperial capital of the sector.

Change the location to the Classic Spinward Marches

uwp:A[5-7][4-5][3-A][9-A]?[4-7]-[9-a] in:Spinward

And you get not a single system. But if you remove the tech limitation, say, with

uwp:A[5-7][4-5][3-A][9-A]?[4-7]-? in:Spinward

And you get one world, Fornice.

Chargen Implications: Official

Now, homeworlds were not set in character generation in Classic Traveller: they cropped up when I first started playing the game, in the MegaTraveller Era.

So, poking through the MegaTraveller Player’s Manual and zipping to page 13, I see that adventurers rarely come from systems with

  • Starports D, E, X
  • Asteroids
  • Water Worlds
  • Low Pop
  • No Law, Extreme Law
  • Pre-Industrial, Industrial technology (After Starport and Pop modifiers are put in)

while adventurers often come from

  • Starports A, B
  • Small, Medium-sized
  • Standard Atmosphere
  • Wet Worlds
  • Moderate, High Pop
  • Moderate Law
  • Average Stellar, High Stellar (After Starport and Pop modifiers are put in)

So then, most adventurers come from worlds from this list


In the Spinward Marches, this would be

  • Sacnoth: Spinward Marches 1325 A775956-C
  • Mire: Spinward Marches 0527 A665A95-C
  • Colada: Spinward Marches 1022 B564685-B
  • Errere: Spinward Marches 0103 B563664-B
  • Darrian: Spinward Marches 0627 A463955-G
  • Emerald: Spinward Marches 1006 B766555-B

And in the Empty Quarter, it would be just one world,

  • Dhaeknorz: Empty Quarter 1307 A573546-D

(which isn’t even in the Imperium!)

Homeworlds, cut to the bone.

But suppose you couldn’t care less about most of the official requirements. Instead, you just care that

There’s a good or excellent starport (so the culture is aware of, and open to outside influence & trade);

The population level is in the hundreds of millions or more (so the world is tamed, and there is no unsettled frontiers within walking/driving/sailing distance;

The TL is 9+ (so the tech level is Early Stellar, and the idea of interstellar tech is familiar)

Let’s throw in Law Level 2-A. Any higher, and the govt starts rigidly controlling your movements; property rights & the ability to control your own money – to save for a starship ticket, say – is hindered/crippled/destroyed; the individualism needed to even desire to get off-world is suppressed, while collectivism is exalted; etc.

I’m sympathetic to zero-law levels/anarchic cultures; but I know for a fact that you need some basic rules – the Rule of Law – to protect life, liberty and property, or it gets to difficult to save up for the journey out. So after a quick mental debate, I’ll set Law Level 2 as a reasonable floor. (You can build capital at Law Level 0 – true anarchy – but you had better be part of a strong, well-armed gang or clan.)

Law Level 1 is far better than Law Level 0: you can at least get workable “eye for an eye”, “don’t cross this line”, “no bribing judges”, “no unprovoked violence” laws in. But there isn’t much room for case law or more detailed concepts, so I upped it to Law Level 2 to be on the safe side.

So, we now get the search string


In the Empty Quarter, you only get

  • Flange: Empty Quarter 2009 B654A62-C

which, again, isn’t even in the Imperium!

Actually, Flange is very much the odd-ball: A human world run fairly well by a Blood Vargr minority without too much wanton bloodshed, which is part of a pointedly anti-Vargr human empire, which is part of a Protectorate grounded in a series of human-Vargr partnerships, and old ruling family dating from the Second Imperium, and a family-run megacorp.

Other likely high-pop Imperial worlds in the Empty Quarter – like Nulinad, the sector capital – are just too poor to make the cut.

“Life is just tough in the Quarter: even most of our adventurers are out of the sector!”

But things are far better in the Empty Quarter:

  • Jewell: Spinward Marches 1106 A777999-C
  • Gram: Spinward Marches 1223 A895957-C
  • Sacnoth: Spinward Marches 1325 A775956-C
  • Glisten: Spinward Marches 2036 A000986-F
  • Lunion: Spinward Marches 2124 A995984-D
  • Mora: Spinward Marches 3124 AA99AC7-F
  • Trin: Spinward Marches 3235 A894A96-F
  • Chronor: Spinward Marches 0304 A6369A5-D
  • Mire: Spinward Marches 0527 A665A95-C
  • Cipango: Spinward Marches 0705 A886865-C
  • Anduril: Spinward Marches 1026 B985855-B
  • Collace: Spinward Marches 1237 B628943-D
  • Regina: Spinward Marches 1910 A788899-C
  • Strouden: Spinward Marches 2327 A745988-D
  • Rhylanor:Spinward Marches 2716 A434934-F
  • Palique: Spinward Marches 3029 A511965-E
  • Darrian: Spinward Marches 0627 A463955-G
  • Feri: Spinward Marches 2005 B584879-B
  • Porozlo: Spinward Marches 2715 A867A74-B
  • Fornice: Spinward Marches 3025 A554A87-C
  • New Rome: Spinward Marches 1938 B837866-B
  • Equus: Spinward Marches 2417 B55A858-B

Twenty-two world which make likely launch pads for Travellers, as opposed to one.

And most of those ships are new(ish), as opposed to patched-together near-wrecks. “Must be nice to have jump drives without playful attitudes…”



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