Ghost Planets


From the Ghost Planets intro:

Ghost Planets is a game about venturing into the unknown depths of space, encountering bizarre threats and ancient wonders, and solving mysteries whose answers may save humanity from extinction.

Your characters are members of the Xenohistory Corps, an organization dedicated to investigating the relics of alien civilizations. Corps researchers are explorers and scientists, chosen for their expertise, their insight, and their courage. They risk their lives on distant worlds, driven by their thirst for knowledge and adventure, and by their determination to discover the truth behind the Sigma Event.

Ghost Planets combines the eerie enigmas of the movie Forbidden Planet with the planet-hopping idealism of the original Star Trek series. Xenohistory researchers combine their diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives to solve problems as they journey through the galaxy, and their stories never let scientific accuracy get in the way of a good adventure.

Not bad at all: it would be a natural setting for an early-space Terra, Vland, or other ‘pocket empire’.

(You could even have the AI Virus be far more devastating, with interstellar technological civilization only starting up thousands of years after the Collapse. Having the PCs piece together the tragic story of the mythical First Human Empire could be very interesting, indeed!)


Ghost Planets assumes that Space is Dangerous: Traveller assumes that Imperial Space is as safe as modern-day air/sea travel, by and large, excluding pirates, war, and misjumps.

But every Empire has a frontier, and beyond the frontier… who knows?

(And are you sure Imperial space is safe? Or did you just check the human-habitable worlds and the main trade routes?

Even for a mature Third Imperium, successfully navigating the dangers, all those grave worlds would be a permanent, nagging worry in the back of the mind.)


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