Guns in Space II

“Strictly for educational purposes.”

From the comments:

“A Russian bear shot with 9×19 Parabellum just be made angry? I’d say it depends on where you’re aiming…”

“Even so, the chances of a bear going down to a small-caliber round are very slim.”

“I know, but if you had perfect aim, you could probably do it with a single shot. But yeah, you’re right. If you’re just firing casually at one, it’ll hurt it quite a bit, but wouldn’t do too much…”

This would mean trouble for many of my NPCs, who are only armed with pistols. Quite discreet and useful in urban/social situations, but not so good out there, where the wild things are…

“Fun fact… gyrojet “bullets” would be harmless at point blank ranges :)”

…furiously scribbling notes…

“Gyrojets never went anywhere due to failing in every imaginable way, not just cost but being totally ineffective weapons as well. Since they are nothing more than small, unguided chemical rockets for all practical purposes: they don’t reach full velocity until a good distance from the shooter (making them worthless in close-quarters combat); between their acceleration and and their center of gravity constantly changing due to the fuel burning up they were horribly inaccurate; and since the loss of fuel results in the loss of mass their damage potential at a given range was a bell curve. By the time you’ve made enough changes to overcome those issues you’ve got yourself a missile launcher, which quite frankly make for horrible close-combat weapons. :)”

Long long ago, I wrote an article for Bwaps to use gyrojets, based on the glorious 1001 Science Fiction Weapons book. It never got published, at least as of 2016…

And despite all the disadvantages listed above, I still think that they would make good weapons for the small, wealthy, bureaucratic, nit-picking Bwaps. Especially if you put in some decent guidance in the tiny ammo-rocket.

No, it won’t make Bwaps very effective warriors: but the bullets with their own rocket fuel will at least work well in the 100% humidity, we-love-the-rain environments the Bwap adore. And I suspect that the Bwap – who are willing to fight, despite their physical disadvantages — will strive to leverage their strengths (money, technology, attention to detail, and organization, as well as powerful friends in more massive bureaucracies than you can dream of) whenever possible.


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