Baen Books – The Free Library

Andrew in one of his latest comments reminded me of David Drake, which reminded me of the Baen Free Library of sci-fi books.

Typing in “David Drake“, I get some interesting material, from the non-SF side. For example, for the non-fiction 2012 collection…

  • The Drugs of War
    by J.R. Dunn
  • Putting the Science in Science Fiction
    by Tedd Roberts
  • The Roads to the RCN Series
    by David Drake
  • The Menace from Lydia: The Social Spider as Alien Invader
    by Robert E. Furey
  • Rediscovering the Solar System
    by Les Johnson
  • The Conquest of Planet Baen
    by Bob Kruger
  • Indirectly Mistaken Decision Cycles
    by Tom Kratman
  • Do Tanks Have a Future?
    by J.R. Dunn
  • Getting Guns Right
    by Michael Z. Williamson
  • Rediscovering the Universe
    by Les Johnson
  • The Neuroscience of Darkships
    by Tedd Roberts
  • Stars That Wander, Are You Bright: Are Stars Conscious?
    by Dr. Greg Matloff

That last bit could be useful for your version of the Church of Stellar Divinity…

Of the free books, I always liked With the Lightnings and Redliners, and was always a bit too intimidated for the Northwood trilogy. But check out Baens Free Library yourself!

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2 Responses to Baen Books – The Free Library

  1. Andrew says:

    And while you’re there, downloading the free non-fiction, go ahead and download “Starliner” by David Drake. Learn what fun being a crew member aboard a mega-starliner can be.

    Learned the neat trick of neck-stomping from that book. Read it and you’ll understand the comment.

    Baen books. Home of the politically incorrect science fiction. Go Sad Puppies!


  2. Alvin Plummer says:

    Sad Puppies fights for reality!


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