Bug Meat

One huge gift the Terrans brought into charted space was a vastly expanded cuisine for all interstellar humanity (the Vilani and the Vargr at first, then – after the Long Night – the Zhodani as well).

Sure. there were the prestige meats – cows, fish, lamb, etc – that was brought into Charted Space, that instigated an economic boom all on their own. (Can you imagine the demand for deer – venison and blood both – when the Vargr tasted it for the first time?)

But for hostile environments, the biggest deal was about the humblest meat: the creepy crawlies that could survive in a far greater range of environments than the limited selection of kinda-sorta-compatible foods they had before.

I wouldn’t be surprised if 80% of the Imperium gets their protein from various creepy-crawlies. This may also be the ancient origin of all those billion-man worlds in very hostile environments, pre-Virus: with Terran/Solomani food sources and Vilani efficiency and discipline, it became possible not to merely survive on various moonscapes, but even prosper.


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