Wikipedia: Unusual Articles

A good place to mine for story ideas is the Wikipedia: Unusual Articles page.

A potpourri of the bizarre and unexpected, the number of oddities to be found is more than enough to sprinkle on any far-ranging Traveller campaign.

As a sampler, the below ideas comes from the History section, as of Dec 30, 2016.

  • Trying dead people for their tradition-breaking behaviour (while alive) is something the more hard-core Vilani may be interested in. “Traditions Will Be Enforced! Innovation Will Be Punished! Whether the offender is dead or not is completely besides the point!”
  • The Great Stink is something that should be planned for the next PC cargo run.

“I can’t believe my luck! All the other skippers decided to avoid this bit of low-effort, high-payoff work! Let’s load her up and get it done!”

“Ummm… maybe there is a good reason why this lot has been sitting in the warehouse for the last eight months…”

“Stop the negativity and give me a hand!”

  • The legend of the Vargr who fought on the side of the Solomani Confederation, defending Terra during the Invasion of Terra, is a tale that is still circulating in the Solomani Rim as of 1105…
  • Almost everyone has forgotten about the Dancing Plague that struck across Fornast Sector during the Rule of Man. But, the discovery of a set of long-lost DVDs, lost in a busted starship for thousands of years, has sparked renewed interest and a new dance craze spreading across the Imperium at lightning speed…
  • As a gift to a pro-Imperial Aslan clan leader on the birth of his first-born son, a herd of elephants is being shipped from Terra to the Aslan Hierate. Such animals have never been seen before in the history of Waroatahe sector…

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