The Mystery of the Third Planet

An interesting cartoon, the Mystery of the Third Planet.

There are a couple of decent Trav ideas to be gleaned from it: I liked the “robot plague” the most, but the meeting of three famous captains is worth a spin. Also, the 70’s style air/raft could be a best-seller, if a PC could set up a working model…

What’s most refreshing, though, is the peaceful 70s vibe from the late-Soviet cartoon. It’s close enough to the end of the Soviet era for the cartoon to lack any Revolutionary Fervor… despite the implicit nod to “the wonder of enemy’s technique”.

(Brezhnev-era bureaucratic senility is far to be preferred to the young and vigorous days of Stalinist slaughter, I say!)

I wonder if there are any pleasant (if odd and curious) videos coming out of the Solomani Confederation… something without the Triumph of the Will vibes.

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