The Roaming Life

From In the Future, We Might Live in Roaming Autonomous Cars

A futuristic concept called Autonomics envisions a nomadic life where phones become permanent addresses and self-driving cars hitch onto moving platforms.

Lots of Americans in suburban areas practically live in their cars already, spending hours in transit. With that in mind, the team at San Francisco-based NewDealDesign proposed a futuristic concept where life is lived on the go among various autonomous electric vehicles.

Their vision, called Autonomics, pictures a new nomadic life on wheels where phones become permanent addresses, self-driving cars hitch onto configurable moving platforms and one-wheeled bots provide mobile services.

“Autonomics is a strategic insight into how autonomous objects will influence not just our transportation, but future businesses, services and brands,” their online description reads. “In this framework, we see the largest impact of autonomous vehicles in suburban and rural areas, where the majority of American’s daily activity takes place, not dense city centers.”

With the motto “destination you,” the concept includes one-wheeled LeechBots that zip among vehicles on the road and dock temporarily to deliver products. Rooms on wheels dubbed ZoomRooms would be configurable platforms that act like mobile malls. Autonomous vehicles could attach to them and ride along. A temporary pop-up community called DetourCity would appear randomly, made up of ZoomRooms and LeechBots

Not a bad world to visit. I’d assume that it would be high-pop TL 9+ (more likely 10+), but focused on living on the road rather than in the clouds (with artigrav tech). Maybe dominated by flat prairie or deserts if you want The Freedom of the Road, but you can have lots of twisting mountain valleys and cliffs if you want more control on where the PCs go.

The Referee would have to put some thought into making the society work, but it could be very entertaining is done right!


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