Island City

An interesting 1994 unintended bioplague scenario. There would be quite a number of updates even with our tech (where are the drones?).

I would love to know the details on how that isolated city can sustain itself logistically. Certainly, it’s possible with 21st century  automation, and even more easy with a connection to a Traveller-style interstellar economy… but I would still like to know the nitty-gritty.

Taking on it’s own merits, it culturally, well, unusual. The local military is mildly traditionalist in some ways (certainly compared to the 2010s Western cultures), but also with a preference to avoid lethal violence.

I recall the 1983 Beruit bombings, where the soldiers were provided with rifles without ammunition. From Wikipedia:

The sentries at the gate were operating under rules of engagement which made it very difficult to respond quickly to the truck. On the day of the bombing, the sentries were ordered to keep a loaded magazine inserted in their weapon, bolt closed, weapon on safe and no round in the chamber. Only one sentry, LCpl Eddie DiFranco, was able to chamber a round. However, by that time the truck was already crashing into the building’s entryway.

People don’t give those kinds of orders in the Middle East anymore.

But on the other hand, the infected human enemies in this movie lacks intelligence and moral restraint – although they are still smart enough to use guns.

(Instantly imagines a lot of hostile comments about other sophonts “who lack intelligence and morality – but can still use guns.” And not just the Solomani: the Vilani may use cultural markers instead of genetic ones for in-group/out-group differentiation, and substitute conformity for morality, but the loathing remains.

Yes, both in real life and in Traveller, such threats are hindrances: but over time, what they lack grows into a crippling flaw.

Thing is, most soldiers and Travellers have to deal with what’s before them right now: long term optimism is correct, but you still don’t want to get killed in the short term!)

In sum? I suspect that the Island City is hoping for a cure for the infected, and so doesn’t want to make the mental shift to seeing them as simply a threat to be killed. The pilot doesn’t give enough information to prove if they can reproduce or not: I guess it depends on the nature of the genetic damage.


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