What Sunrise Looks Like on Different Planets

From the Brightside article of the same name:

It’s impossible to imagine life on our planet without the Sun. We’ve all seen how incredible sunrise and sunset can be — it’s something you just can’t tear your eyes away from. But have you ever tried to imagine what this might look like from the vantage point of different planets and moons in our solar system? The digital illustrations made by Ron Miller, who has spent decades depicting the vistas beyond our world, can help us here.

We at Bright Side invite you on an interplanetary tour to see what dawn looks like on other worlds.


Mercury is located just 60 million kilometers from the Sun, or 39% of the distance between the latter and the Earth. That’s why sunrise on Mercury is three times bigger and brighter than it is on Earth.

You’ll have to go to the article itself, to see the rest of the off-world sunrises available in our solar system…


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