This is no Cave

I admit, after reading about the discovery of the Cascadia fault and the Yellowstone Caldera —

“If it’s a volcano, then where is the Caldera?” – one of the classic ‘only ask questions you really want answers to’ moment in history!

— I hope that Referees will consider setting up a “you’re going to need a bigger boat” situation for their PCs. This means that the PCs need to

  1. make a reasonable assumption about their situation,
  2. pick up on clues that
  3. points out that it’s time for a radical reassessment, and
  4. pull it off in the nick of time.

Not an easy sequence to arrange, but if it clicks into place, it’s golden.


About Alvin Plummer

I'm working to build a better world, a world that blesses Christ and is blessed by Him. I hope that you're doing the same!
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