Deep Springs College

Which is he hardest university to be accepted into?

Easy. Deep Springs College. Ever heard of it? Probably not. Though I suppose it’s technically not a university. It’s a small two-year college near the border of California and Nevada. They only accept a handful of boys every year (the total student body is around 26), and while they have voted to start accepting female students, it’s been delayed in the face of legal action until at least this fall. Only around 1000 students have graduated from the school in its entire 98 years, and of the 180–250 applicants each year, 14 are admitted for an admission rate of about 5–8%.

There are a couple of reasons why this school is so sought after. The first is that the graduates all go to Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and the like. It’s basically like an Ivy League two-year college. The second is it’s free. That’s right, 100% free. And the last is that in exchange for tuition, room and board, the students work on the on-campus ranch. So it basically teaches students the value of hard work both in and out of the classroom, and it’s regarded very highly by schools worldwide.

A super-elite institution, nestled in the most rugged backwoods world you can think of.

Not a bad place for a story.

Mandatory Stellar Reaches Plug, from Issue #6, no footnotes
(Yes, I put footnotes in my fanzine stories!)

The Caunotaucarius Imperial Finishing School, founded in 259, is a light base set on a very tall, icy spire, surrounded by several tall, carved pillars of ice. (The visual echo to the Imperial Moot on Capital is not accidental). It exists to serve the children of ‘nobility in embarrassing circumstances’ – respected, but not very wealthy, gentry, Knights, and Barons (SOC A-B in game terms).

No, I haven’t forgotten the actual fanzine: I have some great ideas in my head. But I need the time to get them down, organize them, and publish them.

And real life is extremely pushy and aggressive: any good-sized block of free time is like dangling raw meat before a starving wolf.

“Forget free time to write: just focus on protecting your sleep time!”


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