My Favourite Scout (This Week)

There’s quite an august list of personalities in Quarta’s list: military men, scientists, and programmers.

My personal favourite is Norman Borlaug, “The Man Who Saved A Billion Lives”, thanks to his discovery of high-yielding strains of food crops. Odd, that young people prefer to wear T-shirts of that murderer Che instead of an actual benefactor of humanity…

But for Traveller purposes – ‘daring adventures into the unknown!’ – I would recommend Witold Pilecki (Inmate #4859):

The man who volunteered to go into Auschwitz as a prisoner, in order to pass information to the allies. Until his report, the allies thought that the Nazis were running internment or prison camps, not, as he found out, death camps. While he was there, he joined an underground movement and using a radio transmitter cobbled together from smuggled parts, reported to the Polish resistance (who forwarded the information to the Allies) what the camp was, number of prisoners, conditions, and more. He then managed to break out of Auschwitz, with documents stolen from the Nazis in his possession.

Let me repeat: This man volunteered to be put in Auschwitz, to pass information to the Allied forces.

He was later executed in communist Poland, accused of espionage. His body, to this date, has yet to be found. He was awarded the Order of Polonia Restituta and the Order of the White Eagle, posthumously.

Now, that’s what I call a Scout!


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