Buzz Aldrin, Two-Fisted Traveller

From What is the most American thing ever?

Sadly, everyone else is incorrect, and I can only assume it’s because they haven’t been lucky enough to see the actual most American thing ever.

Without further ado, I present to you: a 72 year old Buzz Aldrin punching out a moon landing denier who, in the course of harassing the legendary astronaut, called him a liar and a coward:

Could anything be more American than a septuagenarian Apollo astronaut clocking a guy to defend his honor? The answer is no.

I rest my case.

But while you’re here, here’s a longer article which, in addition to touching on this incident (which should be a national holiday), the Apollo missions, and the moon hoax theory, will leave you feeling even more impressed with Buzz Aldrin than you are already: Well-Aimed and Powerful

First: Mucho respect for Buzz Aldrin!

Second: Yes, this is actually the most American thing ever.

And when I say American, I mean Classic American. as in, “The Real Deal”.

Third: As a bona fide space traveller and world explorer, he automatically makes the Scout of the Week requirements.

(I should really make that an ongoing feature: but I don’t know if I have the commitment to really make it work. But even if I can’t do it, someone should!)

Fourth: Keep an eye out for Old Man Strength.


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