The Purge, The Books, and the Money

From an article celebrating both Capitalism and the Reformation:

A curious tale is related of how he contrived to turn the devices of his foes to advantage. The Archbishop of Canterbury [Whalem at the time] was buying up his translations for burning and commissioned a certain Packington to scour the continent for more. The man went straight to Tyndale himself and informed him that he had discovered a merchant who would clean out his stock.

“Who is this merchant?” said Tyndale.

“The bishop of London,” said Packington.

“Oh, that is because he will burn them,” said Tyndale.

“Yea, marry,” quoth Packington.

“I am the gladder,” said Tyndale, “for these two benefits will come of it: I shall get money from him for these books and bring myself out of debt, and the whole world shall cry out on the burning of God’s Word, and the overplus of the money shall make me more studious to correct the said New Testament, and so newly to imprint the same once again; and I trust the second will much better like you that ever did the first.”

And the account concludes: “And so forward went the bargain: the bishop had the books, Packington had the thanks, and Tyndale had the money.”[3]

Tyndale thinks like a Traveller.

The example can be easily retrofitted for any form of forbidden knowledge: “An Introductory Course on Psionics” would do for a start in the Imperium.

Most governments outside of the (relatively easy-going) Imperium have stronger censorship boards: certainly include the Solomani, but also the Aslan, and the Zhodani.

(Hiver information control methodology are a lot more subtle than the blunt instrument of a censorship board. The PC is left to discover for himself just how they operate.)

If you know what you are doing, you can tap into these government institutions for an endless flow of money…

…but don’t get complacent. Even William Tyndale was first strangled, and then burnt at the stake. It doesn’t help you to have a billion-credit bank account over there, but the local Thought Police is over here, and they just got a tip-off on your precise location.

Get the guns, yes. Get the money, yes.

But mainly, it’s about actionable, timely information.

(Side thought: for a Traveller game, it really powers up the story when a powerful & respected patron goes down just before the Final Battle.

“It’s all up to you now. Don’t let us down.”)


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