Every Traveller Comes From Somewhere

As I tend to push for a immersive Traveller environment, I’d like to take the time that every Traveller actually comes from somewhere, and there’s a reason why he isn’t at home.

Many expatriates still keep some ties to back home: typically familial or religious, sometimes linguistic or even military. Even today, some nations are visibly bolstered by their diaspora: not just Israelis and Mexicans and Vietnamese, but Armenians and Indians as well.

Even a great power like China can be occasionally dependent on their overseas families: in Mainland China’s case, it was the Chinese of Malaysia & Indonesia, as well as the United States, Singapore, and Taiwan, who provided the know-how and the cash to get the country going after its disastrous experiment with Maoism.

(And then, there are those nationalities who don’t worry too much about the Motherland…)

A Traveller crew, returning home to give a hand at the hour of need, would make an interesting storyline. Especially if the reasons why they left in the first place are addressed…

For example, for a long time the Communist government of Vietnam turned a blind eye, when remittances from Vietnamese-Americans were stolen by postal workers. A Traveller who sent tens of thousands of credits home, only to find out that most of it was stolen before it got to his family, might find a pointed way to express his displeasure… especially if the tech gap between himself and the local authorities is large enough.

Nations with jet aircraft should not annoy visitors with starships.

On the other hand, the money escapee North Koreans send back home has changed local perceptions of the defectors, from “enemies of the State” to “helping hands from abroad”. North Korean State Security is far more interested in getting a percentage for itself, rather than stopping the money flow entirely and killing the golden goose.

Ideological purity won’t put meat on the table, after all!


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