Starships Don’t Pay for Themselves!

If your crew is more into trading than fighting or exploring, you should know at least the basic tricks of the trade.

I don’t mean lying to the customer: that leads to a bad reputation, and the real money is in repeat business.

I mean nudging the customer to the right choice.

Outside of a trader/roleplayer centred campaign, I don’t really expect Referees to expect Players to actually play out their negotiations.

But in a trader campaign, or in a particularly critical negotiation, it will add to the drama and the enjoyment of the game if a Player who likes bargaining is allowed to shine in the game.

Rarely should the Referee force players to do something they don’t enjoy doing: and if he does, there had better be a nice payoff/insight/reward for doing so!

(If you want more on the Decoy Strategy – and general advertising techniques – I picked this off of North, as long-time readers probably already guessed.)

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