War Names

Its an interesting fact, that the exact name of a war actually matters, even in fiction.

This bit of wisdom was re-emphasised to me when, looking at various Stellaris mod War Name Variety (No More Brawls) – now with Holy Wars!

(I can almost see unnumbered Imperial Army officers roll their eyes. It’s not that Holy Wars are so awesome: it’s that they drag on, and on, and on… long after any reasonable land-grabbing or political chest-thumping war would have ended.)

As an example, referring to the Civil War:

The American Civil War has been known by a number of names since it began in 1861. These names reflect the historical, political, and cultural sensitivities of different groups and regions.[1]

The most common name in modern American usage is simply the “Civil War“. Although used rarely during the war, the term “War Between the States” became widespread afterward in the Southern United States. During and immediately after the war, historians often used the term “War of the Rebellion” or the “Great Rebellion“, while the Confederate term was “War for Southern Independence“. The latter regained some currency in the late 20th century, but has again fallen out of use. Other terms often reflect a more partisan view of events, such as the “War of Northern Aggression” or the “War of Southern Aggression“. The “Freedom War” is used to celebrate the effect the war had on ending slavery. In several European languages, the war is called “War of Secession“. In most East Asian languages, the war is called “Battle between North and South side of the United States” or more commonly as “American (US) North-South War“, depending of their languages.

A variety of names also exist for the forces on each side; the opposing forces named battles differently as well. The Union forces frequently named battles for bodies of water that were prominent on or near the battlefield; Confederates most often used the name of the nearest town. As a result, many battles have two or more names that have had varying use, although with some notable exceptions, one has tended to take precedence over time.

Interesting point about the battles!

Anyways, Traveller has a variety of names for the tragic conflict that destroyed the Imperium. “The Rebellion” is the most common, although “War of the Rebellion” was used once or twice. “The Final War” was used in Traveller: The New Era in Diaspora.

Interesting, the term “The Second Imperial Civil War” was never used in GDW materials (or anywhere else I know of).


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