Wormholes for Fun and Profit

Wormhole Topics

  1. Concept of Wormholes
  2. Non-Traversable Wormholes
  3. Traversable Wormholes
  4. One-Way Wormholes
  5. Two-Way Wormholes
  6. Intra-Universe Wormholes
  7. Inter-Universe Wormholes
  8. Exotic Matter
  9. The Casimir Effect
  10. Naked Singularities
  11. Quantum Entanglement
  12. Travel Time in Wormholes
  13. Time Travel in Wormholes
  14. Other Uses of Wormholes

Just LOOK at that topic list!

It’s like a fistful of campaigns, all wrapped up in a smooth bundle…

A special nod to a certain type of artificial wormhole, with “a mouth several hundred astronomical units across”: it has to be this big to keep down tidal stresses, so men (…or other things…) looking to enter aren’t ripped apart.

It will need…

several hundred million stars worth of exotic matter to hold open. That generally means that it’s the sort of thing you’d build at the center of galaxies to connect them to other galaxies, or maybe have a handful in one galaxy at most.

So now we know what the Zhodani are looking for. They were always gutsy explorers, I am forced to admit!

(PS: it would take about a year to get from one galaxy to another, using this type of ‘artificial benign’ wormhole… and the distance between the ends of the wormhole doesn’t actually matter.)

There is another kind of wormhole, which can be small enough to orbit a planet and be used for FTL laser communications.

One of the problems with black holes of course is that all of the neat stuff is going on beneath the event horizon. A naked singularity doesn’t have this, the original notion being that if I spun a dense chunk of matter fast enough it would form into a ring exposing the singularity. This violates the Cosmic Censorship Hypothesis Roger Penrose came up with in 1969 which argues that if you saw a naked singularity reality would break down. Well, casuality would break down but honestly that amounts to the same thing.

…and we can set this up as the origin of psionics as well.

“Once upon a time, someone got a glimpse of something they had NO business looking for. It was only for a microsecond, and that someone died instantaneously, limiting the damage to out universe… but there are now hairline fractures in spacetime.

And every time someone uses psionics, the cracks get get just a little more deeper, spread a little more wider.

Every. Single. Time.”


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