Lost Military Techniques

I wonder what common, widely-spread military skills will in three thousand years (See: 1105 Imperial) become nothing but lost legends and entertaining rumours…


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2 Responses to Lost Military Techniques

  1. Timothy Newman says:

    Artillery barrages. Long duration barrages lasting hours or days will be forgotten, in favour of bringing in single heavy strikes on precision targets. Some of that will be because counter-battery fire gets increasingly deadly; some because the target density makes it rarely worthwhile; and some because, even with Imperial levels of interstellar shipping, the logistics of supporting a six hour artillery bombardment are shocking. Massed artillery goes with it.
    Sniping. Sorry, snipers, but there are already sensors which can give a spot for where a bullet was fired from accurate to within half a meter or less. You try sniping from concealment on a battlefield where those are connected to an artillery network, and see how well that works out. A one-for-one exchange may be worth it, but it’s not exactly desirable when you’re the one getting to be dead.
    Decryption. It’s going to be a fools task. Either you can get the access codes some other way, or you might as well not try.


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