Space Ents

They look quite nice as a Minor Race in Traveller.

Given their pacifistic nature, it would take quite some doing to elevate them into a Traveller Major Race (dominated by animal carnivores, omnivores, and an exceptionally violent herbivorous species).

Myself, I would make them as some mysterious rumoured Major Race, about 250 parsecs coreward of the Imperium, beyond the Vargr Extents. To be the first discoverer/trader of a completely separate alien civilization would be a sensational thing in Charted Space.

And excite the unbridled envy of the Vargr, who will demand why they didn’t discover the Space Ents first… or just insist that they did, regardless of the actual facts.


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3 Responses to Space Ents

  1. They have caught my attention.


  2. Timothy Newman says:

    It occurs to me that if they were rather more militant then they’d be as horrified by the K’kree as the K’kree are by carnivores, and represent a threat to the whole K’kree way of life that has to be trampled just as much as the Vargr do. After all, to a plant species the K’kree have to be seen as predators, and that’s the one perception they find absolutely abhorrent.

    I do admit, I’d love to see ‘something’ beyond Charted Space. It’s only a tiny portion of one spiral arm that’s explored. Surely there should be something there in terms of spacefaring species.


    • It would be cool to have something new outside of Charterd Space. That would be very much against Canon (the Droyne coyns ony have the Six Starfaring Species, for example), but frankly, so what?

      One day, someday, there should be more Alternate Traveller: take-offs and new perspectives of this vast game universe we play in. GDW and GURPS Traveller News Service were pretty good, and I put in a few articles at Stellar Reaches as well.

      Even if you ignore modern SF and what we can really do, if we set out minds on it (ie: those glorious Issac Arthur videos!)… even if we stick with 70s/80s/90s SF …. there’s so much that can be done, so many stories to tell…


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