Solo Traveller

When I mentioned Solo – a way to play the Traveller game by yourself – I forgot to mention a (far cheaper) predecessor, Star Trader. Unlike the full-featured Solo (complete with exploration – my favorite!), Star Trader is just about trading.

Still, you can’t pass up a quick and cheap way to make a few credits, hmmm?

(I am 100% confident that I am missing another book/pdf to play Traveller solo, but I can’t recall the title at all. Any prod to my memory would be appreciated!)


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One Response to Solo Traveller

  1. Timothy Newman says:

    I know there are a few ‘game engines’ for running RPGs solo. Mythic GM Emulator, 9 Questions Engine and Perilous Intersections are three I’ve sometimes found fun. They’re not specific to Traveller though; last time I used any of them was for Pendragon.


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