Aliens: Conestoga Class Light Assault Carrier (Sulaco)

An interesting design – especially for what is essentially a brigade/regimental troop transport. What definitely caught my ears were

  • The space mines: where denying the enemy access to a good chunk of a gravity well is actually a respected objective
  • The fully automated ship: Unlike the Traveller universe, the ship is capable of complete automation. It does have a standard crew: but it isn’t necessary until the inevitable battle damage piles up… which it will.

Long, Complicated Lore Digression

From the comments:


So, this could hold thousands of troops. Yet a military organization decided to use it to transport one squad of marines. Plus only two drop-ships to a planet that could harbor a potentially dangerous creature. Mind you one who’s capable of using the inhabitants of said colony as incubators for even more dangerous of it’s own species. Oh, and the squad was led by one of the most inexperienced commanders in the marines. Just to add insult to injury let’s bring two civilians into the combat zone as advisers. One who has seen one of said creature kill her crew and force her to destroy a civilian freighter.


Everybody seems to either forget or simply not understand that this was chiefly Carter Burke’s fault. He read Ripley’s report on the Juggernaut discovery on LV-426 and then notified the colonial administrator at Hadley’s Hope. Newt’s family went to that grid reference and radioed back to the colonial HQ to confirm that they’d get salvage rights on whatever it was that they found. Well, Newt’s father got hit with a facehugger and then soon, the entire colony goes dark. Now Weyland-Yutani spent a lot of time and effort making Ripley look like she’s gone crazy, either to pin the blame of the loss of the Nostromo on her or to suppress her so that she doesn’t go to their competitors. She was in hypersleep for over five decades after all. But who is it that reaches out to Ripley when Hadley’s Hope goes dark? It was Burke. Who organized the mission and was effectively their mission controller? Burke. Who did Ripley confront when she found the corporate memo signed by Burke himself, requesting that someone head out to the Juggernaut’s coordinates in spite of the great danger that she warned about? Burke. What did Ripley say Burke tried to do? Have Ripley and Newt impregnated then hypothesized that he would sabotage their hypersleep chambers. He’d have Ripley and Newt frozen to get them past ICC quarantine and then can make up any story he wanted regarding the Marines. Half a platoon of Marines is more manageable than an entire company of Marines and an increased corporate presence, something that he openly admits to Ripley when she confronted him. He wanted to claim the prize for himself so he could get his big promotion and his fancy stock options. Burke intentionally made sure that he kept this small and quiet, otherwise he would have lost his competitive edge and someone else could have taken the derelict and its secrets away from him.


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