Near Future Drives

The video itself is fine, but I want to especially post some of the links in the comments.

From Quentin Finck:

“Could the Epstien drive just be an improved Ad Astra Vasimr drive It would make some sense as the fusion reactor would provide the power for the drive. With about 200 years of improvement on the basics of it, I would think that it would fit rather well as the Epstein drive.” Try this article on Ars Technica. It goes into some of the details.”

From Ben Wiilliams:

“recently there was a paper published that essentially used a primary reaction in a doughnut shape with the force forced inward to ignite a secondary reaction that directed the force out the back. If a system like that was made effective, it would surely provide those kinds of accelerations.” I misspoke about initial reaction. Though, I suppose the electricity to run the magnets would come from a fusion generator.”

Of course, I’m personally still fixated on the EM drive.




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