Poland as a Good Homeworld

Do a mild rewrite, and a Poland-like world — where it’s perfectly reasonable & respected, patriotic, even wise and far-sighted, to join the local paramilitaries — would be a good place to call home for the better class of mercs.

On the other hand… today, we see the fine results of Polish patriotism. What we don’t see was the pain and the punishment, the crucible needed to burn off the dross for decades… and then leave the gold behind.

Nothing is for free in this world… nothing at all.

Just as an aside, I have positioned Tokitre, “the Last Homely World”, as enjoying more than a bit of Polish heritage.


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2 Responses to Poland as a Good Homeworld

  1. Timothy Newman says:

    Switzerland makes for an alternative model of defensive preparation that also supports mercenary work. Or at least, did so before the constitutional reforms of the 19th century. High esprit de corps and good training was part of what made the Swiss sought after mercenaries for several centuries.

    Of course the Freikorps and Blackshirts and SA are alternative, much less savoury, examples of patriotic paramilitaries. I suspect it’s a lot easier to create bullies out of paramilitary groups than decent soldiers.


    • Mercs, looking for a good home šŸ™‚

      Of course, mercenaries can come from anywhere, but I’ glad that you have some ideas to make home a distinctive place, to at least create a good background for a skilled mercenary.

      (Besides the usual military experience, naturally!)


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