Guns, Steel, and Scrap

The wild west fluff for the picture makes for a nice Trav setting:

In the fledgling world of Markai, the weak government for years has been unable to establish a proper presence on the planet itself, sticking to the makeshift space stations carved out of the wreckage of battles long past. The surface below is best described as the wild west, with only the biggest cities having some shred of law enforcement to uphold the law and protect their citizenry. Though even they find themselves overwhelmed constantly, as Pirates, Smugglers, and other scum consistently use the planet as a waypoint and pit stop. Some even deciding to call the planet home.

Scavengers roam the country, fighting other scav gangs for useful scrap taken from grounded starships or abandoned bunkers. They haven’t necessarily posed a threat to the citizenry as much as the Pirates, Raiders, gangs, and local warlords have, but they’re still reckless.

After the RSC invasion, liberation, and occupation of the planet, it’s been unsuccessful in driving off ALL of the scum that still inhabit the massive amount of land covering the entirety of the planet. Doesn’t mean they won’t stop trying, inbetween the occasional raids and attacks on RSC aid convoys and scouting parties.

Pirates, Raiders, and the occasional smuggler group often come to blows with the RSC convoys, to steal their loot and run off. After the dust settles and they dash, the Scavs show up to loot the gear. This has become a problem recently, as they often come to blows that come to investigate
The scavengers and their reckless behavior ends up costing a few settlers in the outback their lives. Generally Scav’s as they’ve come to be called aren’t a problem with locals, but they don’t like anyone other than them poking around their finds, and often become very territorial, fighting for the scrap they plan on selling on the black market.

Because all of this, law enforcement has had to take measures into their own hands. Forming the Markai Rangers. A group of essentially glorified bounty hunters, patrolling the far outreach regions and remote settlements, where getting military enforcement and supplies to becomes a hassle and a dangerous venture.

Though the Rangers are less of a law enforcement group and more of a ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ type group. Just as reckless as the ‘Scav’s, raiders, and Pirates they set out to combat, they often end up biting off more than they can chew.
The only thing that makes the Rangers different from the Regular law enforcement, is they don’t generally have a boundry to the territory they patrol.

This could well work in the metal-poor regions of the Empty Quarter, as well.

More background (and pic) for The New West here.


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