Hub Federation Forces

I had the pleasure of purchasing Hub Federation Navy 2nd Edition and Hub Federation Ground Forces 2nd Edition, from Gypsy Knight Games.

I’m glad I did!

Especially as a civilian, there’s a lot of the career details and important-but-rarely-mentioned stuff going on in the services that I (and other Traveller Referees & Designers) don’t know. These quality books will help enlighten you: and, after knowing the lay of the land, you can use the material to build the story you want.

(Or, from the PC side, the character you want.)

A Few Setting Details

Naturally, it’s grounded in current (early 21st century) military organizations, but this is a reasonable and practical decision. More to the point, it’s grounded in early 21st century Western military practice & procedure, which is quite different from the World War eras… or even Vietnam.

Even in the early 21st century, you can be sure that the Russian or Chinese or Brazilian armed forces are simply going to feel different, and act different, than the Western services of the same era. This would be true even if they were of comparable wealth, experience, and technological skill, which they aren’t.

Note that the Hub government has no serious peer competitors, no major enemy to shape its ethos and build its outlook, like the American Indians were for the US military or the French Navy acted for the Royal Navy.

Pirates may fit the bill, but only if they are able to inflict serious damage, as American Indians were able to destroy a US cavalry regiment.

I would consider Australia as a good model: there is a possibility of a major incursion from Terra/Indonesia, but that’s really theoretical.

(But, while Australia could handle an all–in Indonesian invasion as of 2016, I don’t think that the Hub Federation could withstand a major military attack from the currently cut-off Earth.

Then again, considering Indonesia’s population and (slow) technological and economic progress, I’d hope that the Commonwealth of Australia finds a way to strongly secure its northern seas. From 2070 onwards, they might well be as critical to Australian security as the English Channel is to the UK…

…but I privately doubt it. The current flow of history is to decentralization and secession, and Indonesia’s many islands, cultures, languages, and religions means that the Republic of Indonesia is going to spend it’s resources merely trying to hold together, rather than go on risky military adventures.

As for what’s happening on Earth in the Clement universe? Who knows? Probably, the wormhole was lost, and for technical reasons the far end (where Clement was) can’t be re-established at the old astrological location. Ah well…)

ANYWAYS, the Hub books make a great, familiar baseline for the creative Referee to tweak and reshape for his own campaign, when it comes to an organized & professional force, used as a tool of a democratic/republican government.

Aristocratic, racial, religious, cybernetic, and psionic cultures would change the flavour of the military (and everything else in that society): even just a plain old dictatorship would put major political currents in the military, as the dictator would often place loyalty and obedience over competence and battlefield skill. A monarch can get away with more effective commanders, being able to use tradition, blood, and honour to shield his throne and his life.


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