Hope for the East Indian Systems

The Empty Quarter was never designed to be a pleasant, safe, comforting place.

However, if more locals take action in the same manner as the Indian in the video did, perhaps it can be better tomorrow, than it is today… at least for the Indian-culture worlds.

The Arab-dominant worlds aren’t nearly as physically filthy, but their problems cannot be solved by public-spirited people who don’t beg for money, don’t tell other people what to do, and don’t care who gets the credit.

Traveller scenarios:

  • A PC crew can decide to clean up their own corner of the sector: for example, the area around their starport. They could do it on their own, or multiple their impact by banding together with other ship captains who 1) share the same homeport and 2) are sick and tired of the smell and the filth.
  • The concept of locals banding together against a common foe can definitely be extended, especially in an environment where people still don’t trust Imperial Authority — a holdover from the era where the local Righteous Muslims, dominating the Imperial military at the time, took great delight in keeping the filthy kafirs in their place.

    “Nobody cares, and nobody will lift a finger to solve our problems…
    except we ourselves.”

  • There will be no change, until the truth is spoken… and often, there is a price to be paid for speaking the truth.

    Note that most PCs aren’t interested in changing much more than the size of their bank balance: but the reasons WHY they need so much money may be related to the needs of their people and their tribe — or even their God, or a  transcendent vision that needs money to become a reality — instead of the usual desire for the good life and a taste for luxury.

    If so, they may well have counted the cost for saying the truth… and are working hard to get money needed to pay the price, before doing the deed.

Note: the speaker is wearing a mask. You may want to reflect on why a mask is necessary (Hint: murderous nationalism.)


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I'm working to build a better world, a world that blesses Christ and is blessed by Him. I hope that you're doing the same!
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