Walking to Pluto

From the video:

The Moon only goes 1 kilometer a second, we can make traditional mechanical connections that can handle such things. So yes, with an orbital ring network, a big one but not a high-tech one, you could grab a train from your hometown from wherever on Earth and step out of it on the Moon somewhere. […] you could actually ‘walk’ from Earth to the Moon with this kind of network, though you’d need magnetic boots once you got far from Earth’s gravity well.


You could also scale this up to go between planets, a bit silly but possible. I remember some years back before I started the channel and used to play with more extreme forms of megastructures…  not the ones we’ve already covered on the channel, those are all basic ones, even the solar system sized ones… I tried coming up with a way to walk, sail, swim, or fly between planets and orbital rings and dynamic structures do actually let you do crazy stuff like that.

Do you know what Traveller needs?

An Emperor with vision… and unlimited amounts of cash.

With fusion, antigrav, various forms of high-tech manufacturing, and an economic market of trillions, the money needed to fund all this can be made, probably in less than two centuries, assuming the economy grows at 3% a year, every year.

(I’m still going to have problems wrapping my head around ageless cultures, though.

Cybernetics isn’t nearly as bad as the ageless: a case can be made that our culture has been cyborg in principle soon after we became dependent on our mechanical tools, never mind our personal smartphones.)

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