The Bronze Age Collapse

Some nice-looking videos on the fall of the Bronze Age
The Bronze Age Collapse – I: Before the Storm – Extra History –

The Bronze Age Collapse – II: The Wheel and the Rod – Extra History

The Bronze Age Collapse – III: Fire and Sword – Extra History

Note that the series is not finished yet: there will be another one on systems collapse.

Remember that first video, where these Bronze Age systems were so rigid, bureaucratic, and centralized? Yeah…..

(Insert Vilani grumbling about “those Solomani rebels casting shade again…”)

As for your own Travellerized version of the Sea Peoples (“Barbarians from the Rim”, “Vargr Raiding Fleets”, it would be cool for your team of PC researchers to overthrow the old understanding of the Nth Interstellar Wars, the Vargr Pillaging, the Rule of Man, and the Long Night. Perhaps the Established Canon is simply wrong (at least in your campaign!) and now, there has to be a great deal of turmoil as a new understanding is forged.

Exciting times, but on a cerebral level. Most Travellers are going to prefer a dramatic fight to the finish against the hordes, or even the post-apocalyptic recovery period. Go with what your group wants…

On that initial plea on the third video? A comment:

the benefit of stone, it lasts forever. the downside of digital, it requires advanced tech to be usable and will become useless and unreadable in a decade or less.

Actually, if you are talking Vilani formats, it will be readable for several millennia… but the need for advanced tech still stands. Naturally, this means that there has to be a vast library of stone tablets stored somewhere in all Vilani governments past a certain size (say, a million pop), just to be on the safe side.

Well, OK, microfiche may do the trick, if stored on multiple sites. Including hard vacuum.

Not nearly as visual or easily ported into Traveller, but anyways: I really liked Marinov’s The Hebrew Roots of Classical Culture and Law.

It ain’t easy, trying to trace down the roots of ideas, discoveries, etc,: and it isn’t nearly as instantly interesting or as visceral as fighting for your doomed civilization against the barbarian hordes. But if you rewrite it and treat it as a detective story, tied to how today’s cultures (as of 1100 Imperial) are unexpectedly tied together, it would make a nice backgrounder.


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