TL 9-12 Trucks

Things are rolling along quite fast – which means more changes in how to managed PCs in Early Stellar (TL 9-11) “pre-robotic” systems.

Perhaps an overhaul of the Tech level system is called for, or a redefinition of robots to “completely independent” robots.


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2 Responses to TL 9-12 Trucks

  1. AndrewK says:

    So you have to stop every 2 or so hours to take time recharge unlike the 5-6 hours for a diesel powered human driven long haul truck. Or stop every 2 hours and swap pods to a fully charged vehicle so you have to buy at least twice ans many tractors!. Truly this is progress, maybe the Mk II will use oxen?


  2. You make a good point about battery power, Andrew! Battery power simply haven’t kept up with processing power.

    I’m still holding out for fusion-powered cars myself (go E-cat!): power (along with demographics) is a real bottleneck we’re approaching fast, to keep our high-tech society growing.

    But solar power via satellites (or ground stations), coupled with some artificial form of gasoline, will do OK.

    If no batteries and no form of artificial petrol, we’re going to need some other cheap and easy way to transmit power (solar or nuclear) to those trucks, and I have not the vaguest idea on how to do this!


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