The Vilani, Math, Music, and Chindogu

I always tend to deride the Vilani for their love of safe, predictable, and ultra-safe cuisine i.e.: sterilized, refined, and blandized to an inch of its life

“All the food here… everything… it has the same taste… the same colour… the same texture… the same smell and feel,” squealed the Vilani with delight…

… but, as per GURPS Interstellar Wars, they also have a strong aptitude for math.

When I saw this video and read the top comment — “Am I the only one thinking about the amount of math that went into this thing?” — I suddenly realized: at their best, the Vilani must make glorious musicians!

I can also see them sublime their more creative instincts into a host of inventive new musical instruments (as well as their famously asymmetrical manner of dress), in the same way the Japanese — another collective/conformist people — are quite happy dreaming up creative-but-useless inventions, i.e. “Chindogu“.

Yes, I know, the Japanese actually have a strong food culture: “but we Solomani all know the Vilani aren’t really human!”

(Imagines the Solomani/Imperial shouting matches regarding the implications of interbreeding, species differentiation, and the correct definition of a real human… and keeps an eye on the door, when the shouting matches become shooting matches…)


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2 Responses to The Vilani, Math, Music, and Chindogu

  1. The Unspeakable Gnome says:

    Some sorts of music, at least. Jazz might contain a little too much improvisation for Vilani tastes. But I’d expect Vilani ‘classical’ music performers, whether orchestras or smaller groups or individuals, to be very highly trained and carefully organised to the point where they’re very competitive with their Solomani peers. And with a musical tradition thousands of years longer to back it up.
    Dance seems like another area of performance where certain types with high levels of training as a group would suit the Vilani. Detailed and complex choreography, well the performers will just have to learn it and they will.
    They’re probably not very good at cryptic crosswords, though better than the Vargr and male Aslan.


    • Hmmmm… It could be jazz. The Japanese analogue I use are quite adapt with jazz and Western classical music: I would have expected the classical music, but the their ability with jazz would have surprised me.

      It’s good to be pleasantly surprised!

      Your insight into dance is quite good, although I have precious little experience in it.
      Most published Traveller authors also assume that the Vilani cuisine traditions is very good, but I take the opposite tack, just to be annoying… and to retain some alieness to the Vilani.


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