Cool Pluto, and Oddities of the Flat Earth

Quite a number of excellent tidbits here: ice volcanoes, deceptively blue skies, and a planet’s atmosphere staining her moon are nice bits of knowledge to chew on by the Referee.

So now, we get the clues we need, that would tip us off if we are really on a flat earth.

FYI: I found an interesting backgrounder on LiveScience on the philosophical background of the Flat Earth group – mainly the “Zetetic Method”, where what you physically perceive determines reality – via the Flat Earthers are Evolutionists article on Creation-Evolution Headlines.

An odd situation, all around.

I had already written earlier that there are plenty of Flat Earthers in the Empty Quarter, especially on a per-capita basis (the sector is a bit under-populated, so this assertion isn’t true in raw numbers).

The Zetetic Method could be popular among the local atheists, especially on Cooke. An isolated population of Anglo-Australian unbelievers in a strongly religious Arab & East Indian sector are likely wander off the atheistic mainstream quickly, and develop their own view of a godless/materialistic reality.


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