Just Another Survey of Mongoose Starships

A brief and partial survey of starship supplements on RPGNow:

Christian Hollnbucher: once, he was a very prolific creator of Mongoose Traveller (1st edition) starships and planetary craft: but most of that has disappeared with the rise of the new edition.

There is now a decent – and growing – collection of OGL starships that I appreciate.

Golden Age Starships: I still like these Mongoose Taveller (1st ed) and Traveller20 ships, especially the LSP Modular Starship. A pity there aren’t much more, but golden ages don’t last forever. Definitely worth a look!

Scrying Eye: an invaluable set of miniature maps for some of the more common starships, but not the 800-ton Broadsword Mercenary Cruiser, 400-ton Kugashin Lab Ship, 200-ton Animal Safari Ship or 400-ton Lurushaar Kilaalum Patrol Cruiser. Some is definitely better than none… but if players use miniatures, then there should still be a market for miniature maps.

Moon Toad: My fave publisher currently, since no one is publishing 60+ deck plans for Modular Cutters anymore… to my sorrow. To my joy, they have published a host of good deck plans (and crunch, and fluff) for the Far Trader, Free Trader, Scout, and Subsidized Merchant.

But sadly, no Broadsword, no Lab Ship, no Patrol Cruiser, no Safari Ship. And with their shift to  Cepheus Engine starships, geared to the PC party, I am not sure if they will return to ye old-school Traveller Universe ships.

I hope they do: some of us still have room for more deck plans, and I love the high standards Moon Toad upholds! But if not, we’ll have to wait till a suitable publisher steps up to the plate, one willing to work with the ‘official universe’ license.

Mongoose: Perhaps that publisher will be Mongoose itself. They did publish some Referee’s Aid books with really good information… but the deck plans and graphics were lacking, compared to Moon Toad. These Mongoose 1st edition books covered the Scout/Courier, Free Trader, Subsidized Merchant, and the Yacht.

Summary:  Some gearheads like 1) good deckplans and 2) decent fidelity to the classic designs. I for one have no opposition to new ships – Moon Toad has some great new ships for the Cepheus system. But it’s been a while since I felt the joy of seeing the Moon Toad’s Type AJ2 Free Trader (now capable of jump2 – finally)!

Conclusion: Please give me more top-notch Classic Traveller starship designs – I’d pay for it!

(Just ask for the receipts if you don’t believe me…)


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