Deck Plans: Seeking and Finding

Not that long ago, I was griping and moaning about the lack of certain recent deck plans.

And BEHOLD! Five Traveller deck plans for the Corvette (a.k.a. the “Patrol Cruiser” of yore), the Free Trader, the Scout/Courier, the Express Scout, and the Colonial Cruiser (Kinurir).

Buy only the Traveller5 Starships & Spacecraft-2 FIVE Deck Plan Set: not the “Traveller5 Starships & Spacecraft-1 TWO Deck Plan Set For Kickstarter” – it’s more expensive and gives only two deck plans (which you get anyways with the five deck plan pack).

(If you insist on the CD, you can get it for $20 at FarFuture: but that’s a serious markup to get atoms, instead of just the PDF electrons…)


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