The Quiet Revolution

Or, “Life in the late 21st century”.

Depending on how you peg your tech levels — robots? FTL? Energy production? — that lifestyle, as depicted in the video, could be anywhere between TL 8 and 13.

Officially, Traveller focuses on FTL range to determine technology levels.

However, if you assume that we will never get FTL travel, and yet we will advance in all other areas beyond what was imagined in 1977, we will have to ignore the official TLs to a certain extent.

This decision is actually significant: Traveller TL reflects the importance of FTL travel in the fictional Traveller universe. And it even serves as the divide between a major race (who invented Jump technology on their own) and a minor race (who didn’t).

So what happens if a PC discovers a ‘minor’ race who never discovered jumpdrives, but in all other ways live at about TL 35, complete with Dyson swarms?

And whose population numbers in the quintillions?

An interesting question.
The Referee can divide what happens into a few segments:

  1. Post-discovery, but before formal contact
  2. Contact is made, but the ‘minor’ race hasn’t reversed engineered jump drives yet.
  3. This ‘minor’ race re-engineers jumpdrives, and simply explodes all across Charted Space… and far beyond.

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2 Responses to The Quiet Revolution

  1. Timothy Newman says:

    A campaign I once ran had as its premise the first Imperial explorers in the Spinward Marches, in an Alternative Traveller Universe – I stressed that to the players, and reminded them of it quite frequently. I still managed to surprise them when they went off to investigate EM signals they’d detected from a star a few parsecs away. The star was listed as Gliss on Imperial long-range charts but the inhabitants, a minor human race calling themselves the Darrins, called it Shonal.

    And the normal ‘beads and trinkets’ that some Imperial Scouts try with minor races they contact isn’t impressive to people who think of TL-17 as ‘old fashioned/retro’. No Maghiz, and the waves for the Marches and nearby areas are quite large.


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