A Nifty Feature of RPGNow

If you log in to your account at RPGnow.com (or her sister sites, like DriveThroughRPG.com), check out the My Library tab at the top:

When you click it, you get this screen:

Let’s zoom in, so the old grognard geezers like me can get a better look:

“Glad to be of help, Ma’am!”

(Just how many Traveller players are 70+ women, anyways? If it’s more than two – both roped in by their husbands during their military years in the Cold War era – I’d be astonished!)


The “Updated” tab is the one you really need to keep an eye on. Yes, Traveller is known for its typos: but with the wonders of TL 9 technology, we can easily clean it up in our PDFs. No more multi-page errata!

But you do need to check up on any changes, maybe once a year or so. But if it’s a new product, go back a month after your purchase, as the new buyers point out all the problems to the publisher.

(Tidbit: Steve Jobs is the only one I ever heard of who created a flawless, error-free computer manual, for the NeXT computer system.1

Ever wondered what it would be if Jobs was the one who created and ran Traveller, either as a side hobby while making computer history, or as his main focus in life? I’m not sure if it would have been a niche product that would require a 150 IQ and a really good computer rig to even play the game, or if Traveller would have been THE space opera IP, instead of Star Wars.

In any case, I’m sure would be glad not to work in GDW. Jobs was a hard-working, demanding perfectionist, and NOT a nice guy to work for. Could GDW be a company that other major entertainment concerns – nevermind the tiny RPG pen’n’paper industry! – would cower before? Quite possibly! But a good place to work in, with strong camaraderie and lifetime friendships? Nope.

It all depends on what you want, and what kind of price you are willing to pay for it – and not just in dollars, either!)

Oddly, the updated item that really set off this post was actually an updated version of Traveller: The New Era. Yes, the book was published in 1993. Yes, it has been on RPGNow for at least a decade (“This title was added to our catalog on October 08, 2004.”) And yes, “File Last Updated: June 20, 2014”, so it took me over three years to finally get around to downloading it… while wondering what could have possibly been done to update a 20+ year old book.

But I was surprised and impressed: the new PDF copy didn’t have the creases and dents of the old PDF copy I bought so many years ago. I do like my stuff to look good, and I admit that having a ‘spanking new’ book brought a bit of happiness to me.

So, in sum:

  • Yay, technology!
  • Keep up to date, even with the old books. You never know…
  • Money, fame, power… sometimes, it really isn’t worth it.
  • Get your eyes checked.

1You may have seen the T-shirt:

I’m a programmar

I’m a programar

I’m a programer

I write code

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