Genetics: Hat of the Solomani

I am impressed by the heavy complexity and information overload by a recent post on Bioinformatics on Uncommon Descent, based on a simple question:

I also have a couple of very concrete and probably very simple questions regarding the bioinformatics algorithms and software you are using. Could you write a post on the bioinformatics basics, the metrics and a little more detail about how you produced those graphs, for the benefit of the general audience?

Of course, I am almost as ignorant after reading the post as before, but at least I can get a general idea of just how much I don’t know, and how deep my ignorance goes. I just don’t have the time to get a solid grip on the science, but being able to ask the right questions helps a lot!

Traveller related, it makes me pleased that the Solomani snatched the hat of “genetic engineers” before the other Six Races could get it. Shaping, building, understanding, and strengthening the stuff of life itself is a wondrous ability!


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One Response to Genetics: Hat of the Solomani

  1. Timothy Newman says:

    It’s well beyond what I can understand, though I’m a mere geophysicist.
    Still, if the Solomani ‘hat’ is genetic engineering, what do the other races have? The Hivers I think would be information technology, they’re supposedly the computers/robotics masters of Charted Space. The Zhodani get psionics, perhaps sharing it with the Droyne. The Vilani I’d suggest are best at economics; the Ziru Sirka lasted a very long time even in its decline,and their businesses are good at keeping the population satisfied.
    The Aslan I’ll give planetary ecology. They want large areas for hunting and pasture, they need the ecology to work properly, and they’ve had to cope with living their way on a great many worlds which vary a lot from Kusyu without wrecking too many of them. That’s going to need them to be good at working out how they can live with the local ecosystems. It’s also possible they put a lot of the heavy industry and mining in space, avoiding the problem but making them very good at building orbital infrastructure too.
    The K’kree have stability as their hat, even more than the Vilani. Politics isn’t exactly a science, but they’ve managed that stability well for millennia. If they apply that same sort of ‘long-lasting’ approach to technology, I could imagine their goods not being especially advanced but certainly being known for reliability. I’m not sure there’s any particular science they’re known for, though.
    The Vargr I imagine are best known for their communication technology. Allowing a Prince to project their charisma over wider areas would be one of the best things a scientist could do for them, and almost certainly one any Prince would support. Electronics in that area should be a strength. I imagine they also make good sensors, since they’re restless and spread out and need that for exploration, but I don’t think they’d be notably better than the Zhodani (Core expeditions), Solomani (Rim expeditions), Aslan (also inclined to spread) and Hive Federation (yeah, they’re almost certainly big explorers too, curiosity being a Hiver characteristic).
    Thinking on that, it’s almost a shame that the 3I is one of the places in the setting where exploration is least emphasised while being the main focus of canon. I can think of a lot of interesting campaigns that would work better in other parts of space.


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