Any Deckplan Draftsmen Out There?

I am interested in having some of my starships drawn up with two forms: a full deckplan, and an external shot. The original data will from using Classic Traveller format. I’m willing to pay $40 USD for a set of deckplans and the external view, per ship.

Most ships will be in the 100-2,000-tons.  I’ll also ask for several sub-100 ton small ships & fighters to be drawn up, at $20 a pop, external and deckplan.

There will be various special requests, which we can negotiate when it’s made. These deckplans and views will be size comparisons, large ships (detailed 20,000-ton warships, say), and group shots (external fleet & convoy shots, fight scenes, etc.).

There may be unusual requests: drawing up a ship with the layout of “a four-iwan plan, with three subordinate halls and one principal one that faces toward Mecca.” Or a ship with no doors or iris valves. Or a small space station, or layouts of a larger asteroid city. Or settlement layouts, from grav cities to low-tech underground villages. The focus is on starships, but other (paid) drafting/layout work may be made available, if my starships are decently laid out and timely.

I expect this to be a long-term deal: there will always be ships that I need in Stellar Reaches. More to the point, there’s a backlog that I’d like to have seen by my extremely patient readership. You can flip through previous issues of Stellar Reaches to get an idea of what I want to publish.

(Yes, Issue #28 is written up; yes, I have the sci-fi art. I just need the ships.)

If interested (yourself, or with contact info of a good and reliable artist, able to draw up Classic Trav ships), contact me at the Submissions page. I’ll ask for a free sample of your work, a 200-ton ship with your Classic Trav specs and mission profile. It’s not for publication (unless you request it), but so I can decide who to go with.


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