Manual Jump Calculations, Catastrophic Success, and Prophecies

Manually calculating a jump? It’s something like this.”

A kind Referee will permit on-the-fly jump calculations for intensely skilled savants and incredible talents. Perhaps tied to math, or psionics, or good AI processors in the skull.

I would allow it in rare occasions… but with a small percentage of “extraordinary success”, where you get something like this kicking in:

The Traveller who started the journey, is not the same person who returned.

The Prophecy is TRUE

In Stellar reaches #27, there is a long, involved story of a migration of Solomani who, assisted by their relatives in the Imperium, make a year-long journey to a new home.

In the story, the driver is in part a desire to beef up the strength of a minor ruling house, and in part a desire to reconcile both Solomani and Mixed Vilani family members, and so show the way to reconcile the Imperium and the Confederation.

But suppose the motivation is more heavily driven by a prophetic vision: someone who actually sees the coming fall of the Imperium and the destruction of Charted Space, and so gathered his people to relocate to safety.

Perhaps to the Domain of Deneb, behind the claw, where the AI Virus won’t reach.  Or to an obscure but habitable world: a place where they can dig in for the coming collapse, with a hidden location that’s secure from the inevitable robot rebellion?


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