The Free Trader and the Corporate Line II

ONE: Dangerous Enemies

Most free traders don’t need to worry about a dedicated hunter, someone who hates them to the extent of setting up an elaborate trap – and willing to take temporary losses – for the chance to make the sudden killing blow.

But if you make enough powerful enemies, someone will be willing to put in the extra effort needed to crush your head in.

“Forewarned is forearmed.”

TWO: Cunning and Greed

Smart traders, operators, and adventurers learn more than a few tricks: the first set to stay alive, and the second to keep ahead of the pack, while staying alive.

But if you get too greedy, all your cunning won’t save you.

THREE: Bravery and Caution

There is a time for a small trader to be brave and daring, and a time to make yourself disappear… before someone makes you disappear.

Knowing which road is the right road, at the right time, separates the quick from the dead.

About Alvin Plummer

I'm working to build a better world, a world that blesses Christ and is blessed by Him. I hope that you're doing the same!
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