Why Military Travellers Should Love Mortars

You should read the comments of this video: they are enlightening for actual field NCOs.

Anyone claiming that a mortar is a light portable infantry weapon should be flayed and made to carry one after for atleast 10 km.

The ‘problem with Traveller’ is that you can’t actually feel the pain of lugging some light or man-portable weapon 10 km. (You may treat this as a secret argument for battledress.)

If any weapon that still remains in the battlefield for many years if not centuries to come is the mortar cuz you just can’t replace them!

Something like a mortar is indispensable on all TL4+ battlefields.

But I bet that the light, unarmed light scouting drone will fall directly in this ‘can’t live without them!’ class within the next 10 years, right up there with air support. If it isn’t there already.

(Complete civilian here!)

i love the sound a mortar makes, especialy the older ones that has that THUNK sound

Another issue to challenge a creative Referee.

“Have you actually hit anything with that mortar ?” – random soviet soldiers in CoH2.

I am reasonably satisfied with my life choices: but there are fascinating conversations I will never have in the real world. But in Traveller….

Well, i can already think of three reasons why the mortar is good:

1: it can fire smoke to support the troops.

2: its basically a portable artillery gun.

3: it can fire upwards and in an arc, meaning that it can fire over the troops. Thats what i think are important and useful.

If you are running a company, battalion, or regiment in Traveller, you will find that mortars are beautiful.

Running a single, high-tech mercenary mortar section as your PC group could prove interesting!

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