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The Worst of the Vilani

I have recently posted a sketch-up of the best aspects of Vilani collectivist culture: Marinov’s recent post gives me the key to set up the worst of Vilani collectivism. First, a few quoted words on behalf of individualism: “Freedom is … Continue reading

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The Ottoman Imperium

A Different Islam Let’s assume that the Ottomans really did manage to conquer Europe by 1800: but the Islam that they stood for was far different than the Islam we know today, as  Infidels and unbelievers, even pagans and nature-worshipers, … Continue reading

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Professionals and NPCs

In their travels in the Traveller universe,  the PCs will sometimes run into true professionals. They are not all alike, but they do share some features and attitudes. If the Referee is really good at roleplaying such NPCs, some of … Continue reading

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Just a note, that aliens are real in Traveller… …and not all of them have been properly contacted and classified by the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service.

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The Ships of Cowboy Bebop

An actual fishing boat as a spaceship. Excellent.

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Good Tactics on a Shoestring

“Depleted Infantry Battalion: Each with an average strength of 20 men. Authorized strength of 200 men.” So now, I know to use the term “Depleted unit” for beaten-up, but still coherent, armed forces. Good to know. Traveller mercenaries, naturally, have … Continue reading

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Worldbuilding, Empire-building

For others who, like me, are intrigued by the Third Imperium… but want to flesh it out in different directions than I did. Or even leave Canon entirely, and do your own thing.

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Class and Rank

Taken from ZeroHedge: Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, Humiliation and fear of a catastrophic decline in status foment mutiny and rebellion. I recently finished The Bounty: The True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty, a painstakingly researched … Continue reading

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Not Much to Say…

Only a few comments were ever posted here at the Stellar Reaches site, and many of those were high-quality. Thank you, my readers! Unfortunately, I have less time to spend on the blog: and that includes comments. So I will … Continue reading

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The Best of the Vilani

From Quora: How to people with IQs of 60-80 think? Madie Fox, works at IBM Well my answer is anecdotal and probably relates to people at the very low end of your range, if not lower. When I was in … Continue reading

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