National Militaries

Well, really planetary (and some corporate and Noble household) militaries in the Traveller context, but anyways:

From Quora:

What military technologies does each country excel at?


Well most of our tech is imported but we do have some things to boast about.

The most accurate ICBM – Agni V

I read this as “Agni Kai” for some reason…

10-80 m CEP with terminal guidance

Better Navigational system than GPS in South Asia (for now).

IRNSS: How will India’s ‘NavIC’ be more accurate than GPS

Remote Sensing Technology –

India has invested a lot in remote sensing satellites, some of which are for military use.

Cartosat series, 8 of which are already in orbit provide the images and videos with high resolution about the military landscape of earth.

Other than that we are top at. .

High altitude warfare – most of the guns, tanks, aircraft that the world uses won’t really work so good in the Himalayas and Trans-Himalayas, so everything India buys has to be thoroughly tested, but it does works the other way around. Also army men are very well trained.

Jungle and Gorilla Warfare – Almost every developed country visits Indian military schools in Solan, Kashmir and Mizoram to learn about advanced jungle warfare.

Also India’s geography gives us the benefit to train in every possible landscape. We have deserts, coasts, rainforests, plateaus, islands, small to largest mountains, snow deserts and mountains, plains, highly humid places and everything. So India does possess the capability of fighting anywhere in the world without being effected by climate, terrain or altitude. Also the army operates in areas with 52°c to -40°C temperature.

The reason I mentioned the last 3 points in a tech question because India has weapons and support ready for every kind of climate and landscape, it is important because many of the world’s best weaponry fails in Indian specific tests.

I like that bit about “the world’s best weaponry fails in Indian specific tests.”

That truth – ‘where you are fighting and who you are fighting MATTERS’ – is something that the PCs should definitely encounter, during in their adventures.

Perhaps in their last adventure.

The weight of responsibility rests on the shoulders of the Referee as well. He has to make sure that every world is distinct, to prove to the PCs that it pays to Pay Attention. That should be right up there with Watch the hands! for bodyguards.

I am happy with fluff and colour commentary, to keep the planets and cultures separate. But a truly superior Referee can tie in the culture with how they fight, and the tools and tactics they prefer.

Doing this in a way that doesn’t involve actually inventing 3000-10,000 years of cultural history and an entire planetary geology/biology matrix — but giving the players the impression that it’s there if they want to dig in — is a skill that I envy.

David Hendropurnomo, History Teacher at Wesley International School (2018-present)

Australia excels at hats.

This is our dress uniform hat known as the Slouch hat.

In the field we use these beauties.

They even come in assorted camo patterns.

Some of our more respected officers even use Akubra hats.

Though he wore it better on telly.

I’m not in the military, but I suspect that the size of ones balls must be enormous to be able to wear hats like that into combat. Perhaps other militaries recognise that and they are for intimidation purposes.

For some reason, military fashion is a thing. Something about young men (and aging geezers) sending out mating calls to the fairer sex.

Ben Kolber, Former paratrooper, now I cook and code.

Israel: Special Forces support and equipment.

Corner Shot- used to shoot around corners, with the help of a small camera.

Human Back pack- Used to mount a wounded soldier on your back for a quick extraction.

Micro Tavor – 5.56 mm assault rifle, ideal for close quarter combat due to its convenient size.

Drones– Israel is the world’s greatest exporter of unmanned aircrafts.

Mitznefet– Used to break the shape of the helmet, in order to better camouflage soldiers.

X-ray vision– Used to see the enemies through the wall. Can also track and keep log of enemy movement.

Miniature Spy Satellites- Although many people didn’t believe Israel was capable of producing and launching its own satellites, Israel has self-deployed over 8 spy satellites, in addition to selling them to nations like France, Italy and Singapore.

This high-tech light stuff is a nice fit for small units crossing the stars…

Martin Kratochvíl, studied Military Technology at University of Defence Brno

Czech republic


You wouldn’t guess right? Actually since the cold war up until now, Czech radar systems were always the top. From the legendary 70’s TAMARA that could follow up to 23 radar and 48 IFF targets at the time

to the most recent ones VERA and ERA ( Passive Coherent Location system) that can detect even stealth planes such as F-117, B-2 and F22/35 family planes within 450km range.

This radar is highly mobile and can not be located as it doesn’t emit any waves. It parasites on other signals such as common television and radio waves as well as active radars.

This technology is so advanced it is forbidden to sell it outside NATO and US diplomacy actually fought for stopping the project as it will nullify 20 years of progress in stealth technology.

Radio Prague – Czech defense company Era wins NATO order against tough competition

Common enough, when the Imperium works with some friendly TL 16 member world, whose local forces really can beat the Imperial Navy/Marines on a 1 to 1 competition.

Louis Oelofsen, Program Manager

Switzerland – Defensive Weaponry

Here’s a cannon disguised as a rock.

Another one. In the barn

These disguised cannons are stationed all over the country in undisclosed locations as well as bunkers in every home in Switzerland and hollowed out mountains for shelter.

This is the 35mm Anti Aircraft gun made by Rheinmetall Air defence.

Delivers 1100 rpm at 1175 m/s and a kill distance of up to 4km. The round on the far right is 35mm ammunition. The length of your forearm.

These are just a taste of the Swiss Defence arsenal.

The same 35mm turret just placed on a wheeled AFV for maneuverability and quick deployment in the field.

This is the Skyshield Sensor Unit that can detect any incoming target (plane, drone, missile, mortar) from 20 km away. It is connected to those large guns and allows the entire system to be fully automated without the need for gunners in the field.

Due to Switzerland’s Neutrality, they need to ensure that they can protect themselves no matter who the threat is and without having to rely on any allied assistance.

Always another surprise in the field.

“One of the best things about working for the Race is bringing together the Swiss and the Taliban. Amazing, what a meeting of the minds can create when facing our common Alien Imperial foe!”

Carlos Maine, works at Spain

Spain: food, of course

just take a look at this youtube video made by Steve1989MREInfo

2015 Spanish Individual Combat Ration 24 Hour Set MRE Review Marathon Meal Ready to Eat Taste Test

He tried military rations from over 130 countries in the world, and the Spanish one was one of his favourites.

War is not just about killing!! Que aproveche!

I bet Imperial soldiers keep a close eye on which world is producing their rations. And Imperial Noble soldiers make private arrangements to get the best rations for themselves and their men.

“Money and connections makes life so much easier! How could anyone live without them?”

“Must be unbearable, my Lord…”

“Utterly unimaginable!”

Davaadagva Ulamsaikhan, Karimura!!!

IDK about technology but my country excels at naval warfare. And the ship we’ve got is armed with the greatest weapon ever. It’s name is isolation. Our fleet has a single boat(Sukhbaatar) which is run by 7 men. And 3 of them can swim.

An Image of the legendary Sukhbaatar

And it’s located here. So yeah… We’re pretty much invincible when it comes to naval combat.

Reminds me of a civilization that’s thousands of miles underneath their world. No navy to speak of: but it’s so difficult to get at them without non-existent world-crackers, the Imperial Navy simply washed their hands of any conflicts, and left them for the Diplomats.

Jeremy Snipes, 10 Years service, 7 years active, 3 years Guard, 1 year Iraq

People happy to divulge their country’s vital strategic information for some Quora upvotes and views…

Every time I get a Quora Digest, it reads like the CIA is trawling Quora, and even the military and government affiliated guys who should know better than to answer these questions sing like songbirds.

Of course, something like 80% to 95% of all actionable military intelligence is open source: “just go to the library, log on to Google, or read an civilian journal.”

A decent chunk of the remainder can be gained by sharing drinks and swapping stories with the right low-rank, high-responsibility serviceman.

“It’s why the Imperium avoids censorship and information control rules, in the main. Why spend an enormous amount on spies and surveillance — like the Solomani and the Zhodani do — when we can simply let people do what comes naturally?

They freely speak, we freely listen.

And everybody walks away happy.”

There’s more than one reason why the Imperium got so powerful. Perhaps the PCs can pickup a few tips from the pro’s.

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